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Welcome To TRUECOMP Compressor

A team of professionals with extensive knowledge and more than three decades of expertise in the design and production of portable screw air compressors manufactures TRUECOMP compressors as part of the Made in India initiative.

We have the best technology and talent in the world to produce a new line of portable compressors that are very effective and fuel-efficient.

With the distinct goal of providing the very best compressors on the market, we have worked with some of the top international names for compressor technologies.


DH 550

  • Equipped with Integrated Regulating System
  • Normal Working Pressure – 250PSIG
  • Free Air Delivery – 550CFM
  • Built to last long in tough environments
  • Lowest fuel consumption in Industry
  • 220HP Ashok Leyland Engine

DR 550

  • cooling system
  • Normal Working Pressure – 200PSIG
  • Free Air Delivery – 550CFM
  • engine power- 205(150.8)HP(kW)
  • Mounting type- Wheeled/ Skid
  • Engine make- Ashok leyland

DS 575

  • Portable Water Drilling
  • Normal Working Pressure – 225PSIG

  • Free Air Delivery – 575CFM

  • Specially designed for under 5" drilling

  • Rated engine power- 220(150.8)HP(kW)

  • Mounting type- Wheeled/ Skid

DH 750

  • Low Maintenance
  • Normal Working Pressure – 250PSIG
  • Free Air Delivery – 750CFM
  • Low Cost per feet
  • engine power- 320(236)HP(kW)
  • Fuel Saving. Faster Drilling

How TrueComp Varies from others


Compressors that are the most dependable, powerful, and intelligent with long-lasting performance.

Highly resilient

Able to withstand high pressure.

High Profitability

Consistent and maximum output across application life cycles.

Strong Endurance

Able to endure any operational circumstances.

Cost Effective

100% fuel efficient and Low Maintenance.

Unmatched Customer Support

Pan-Indian support network that is strong and responsive.


  • DTH Drilling: Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling is a technique used in mining, construction, and exploration to create holes for various purposes like blasting, sampling, or installing infrastructure.
  • Coal Drilling with Excavator Attachments: Compressors can be used in conjunction with excavator attachments to drill holes specifically for coal mining operations.
  • Oil & Gas Explorations: Compressors are employed in the exploration and extraction of oil and gas reserves, assisting in activities such as drilling, well testing, and pipeline maintenance.

Pigging & Tunneling

  • Pigging: In the context of pipelines, pigging refers to the process of using devices called "pigs" to clean, inspect, or maintain the pipelines. Compressors are utilized to power these pigging operations.
  • Sand Blasting: Sandblasting is a technique used for surface preparation, cleaning, and restoration. Compressors provide the necessary air pressure to propel abrasive materials and remove unwanted substances.
  • Tunnelling: Compressors are used in tunnel construction for tasks such as drilling, ventilation, and pneumatic tools used by workers.

Borewell & Mining

  • Drilling Operations: DH550 provide compressed air to power drilling rigs and pneumatic drilling equipment, including rock drills and percussion drills.
  • Dewatering: Our Compressors can assist in dewatering operations by providing compressed air for wellpoint systems or pneumatic pumps.
  • Ventilation Systems: Compressed air from the DH 550 compressor can be used to drive ventilation systems in underground mining operations.

Quarrying & Construction

  • Quarrying: In quarrying operations, compressors power drilling and cutting machinery for extracting stone, minerals, and other materials.
  • Oil and Gas Industry:They can be used in gas processing plants, wellhead compression, natural gas transmission and distribution, and offshore drilling operations. Compressed air is essential for driving pneumatic actuators, controls, and equipment in these processes.
  • Road Constructions: Compressors are employed in road construction projects for activities like asphalt compaction, pneumatic tool usage, and powering machinery.

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